31 oct. 2011

How blogging became my boyfriend.

  • I think about it all the time. Especially before I fall asleep at night  

  • We spend a lot of time together on weeknights. I’ll make us dinner and we’ll just hang out on the couch.

  • We seem to get along better when I’m drinking wine.

  • I get dressed up for it pretty much everyday.

  • Sometimes I’ll surprise my blog with a visit in the middle of the work day, just to say hi, because I miss it.

  • My parents know my blog, and talk about it up to their friends and the rest of my family.

  • I used to be sort of embarrassed about my blog. I didn’t think anyone would understand, so I kept it mostly to myself. As our relationship has grown, and I’ve molded it into something I’m wildly proud of, and I take it with me everywhere.

  • We occasionally get in really dramatic fights; usually over it’s inability to do exactly what I say.

  • When something really great happens, I tell my blog first.

  • My friends without blogs tell me that I spend to much time with it, but I know it’s just because they don’t understand our relationship. And they’re jealous.

  • I think my blog can tell I’m seeing other blogs, and has noticed that I give it less attention lately.

  • I sacrifice spending time with my friends to spend time with my blog; after all, we’re trying to build a future together.

  • I’m constantly reminding my blog that writing guest posts isn’t technically cheating.

  • My blog has introduced me to so many great people, and if we ever break up, I hope they choose me.

  • It’s pretty much all I talk about on Twitter.

  • Not having a smart phone has ensured that I still have “me time” away from the world we share.

  • Every time I think about breaking things off, something pulls me back in. Usually it’s shoes. Or jewelry.

  • It may not be the biggest, most handsome, strongest and most popular blog out there, but it’s unique, it’s mine, and I love it.

Encontré esto hoy mientras paseaba por internet y me reí mucho! No se si es taaaaan asi como que mi blog es mi pololo, pero reconozco que paso muchas horas con él jajaja.

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    5 comentarios:

    1. tuin, intentando escribir" NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD <3 "se me corrio toa la pintura de uñas (me pasa por mala), me las voy a tener que pintar de nueoooooooooooooooo.....

    2. jajajajaja excelente!

    3. No sé ingles, pero algo entendi ajaj me parece, que quieras tanto a tu blog despues de todo te ha ayudado a conseguir muchas cosas (: , oye maca en una entrada por ahí dijiste que venderias cositas que ya no usas O: cuando podremos verlas? Saludos! Paola.

    4. Jajajaja notable!!! mi blog es un buen pololo, pero por la pega y the real pololo lo tengo medio botado :(.

      Cariños Maca!

      Pame Mellafe.


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